What is the profile of startups being looked at ?

Accelerating start-ups in high-growth, high-impact verticals in the areas of Ed-Tech, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Green-Tech, Big Data, Mobility and Retail.

How many programs will be conducted in a year ?

Brandshoots will conduct two batches of the accelerator program every year.

How many companies will be shortlisted per program ?

Each batch would constitute of 10 start-up companies.

What is the selection criteria ?

The start-ups would be selected through a rigorous screening activity. Important points of focus would be:

  • Industry focus
  • Founder’s profile and background
  • Stage of product development and/or revenue
  • Financial and business viability

What is the support that will be made available to the shortlisted startups?

Brandshoots will provide following support to the selected start-ups :

  • Connect with industry experts and mentors
  • Fine tuning of “Go-To-Market” strategy with guidance from domain experts
  • Scaling up and providing marketing currency to each start-up
  • Connect with investors
  • Tech support ( support for building website, app, digital marketing inputs etc)
  • Non tech support ( Legal, compliances, taxation etc)
  • Managed working place for the team ( 5-6 member team per start-up)

What is the duration of the program ?

Each batch would run for a period of 16 weeks.

What are the key features of the program ?

Participating companies would be mentored on the following aspects:

  • Product refinement
  • Technology and Code Stack
  • Financial Management
  • GTM and customer acquisition strategy
  • Pitch Deck refinement
  • Training for Demo Day