5 Secrets to get your Start-up Accelerator Ready

Posted on April 24, 2017

Welcome to Brandshoots! We are proud to launch our application for the first batch of Accelerator Program. This is an endeavour to unlock the entrepreneurial potential in the East and help start-ups and entrepreneurs who have a vision to create a national brand. We will provide you with a national pool of mentors, access to resources, and would put you in contact with the early-stage investors.

We, at Brandshoots, know that the whole process of starting up can be challenging and one which takes lots of guts. However, if you are on this page, we believe you already have a start-up and are looking toward scaling up your venture. So, it is our advice to you before you submit your application to go through these 5 tips or secrets so that you will have a better chance to enter our program.

  1. Apply Early: The application for our first batch of accelerator program was launched on 18th April 2017. When you submit your application early, it gives us more time to review it in a detailed manner and also provides us ample amount of time to contact you in case we need any clarifications.
  2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): A Minimum Viable Product is a basic product that has just enough features to satisfy the early customers, and help to prove the most important hypothesis of the business. It helps to take important initial feedback which can be used for future development. We are looking for start-ups that are already in the process of building an MVP or have built an MVP. We believe in the philosophy of reiterating the process so as to come up with a viable product/service that directly caters to the needs of the target group.
  3. Traction matters, a lot: What we mean by traction is that there must be a certain measurable indication of market demand for your product/service. It shows that you are doing it right by gaining those paying customers. However, we understand that certain start-ups might have a unique sales cycle, and thus we look at other indicators of traction as well – number of users, members of the advisory board and such. It also matters to us how much time you took to reach from one point to another, and how much you yourself are invested in your business.
  4. We like people who work in Teams: Yes, we can’t stress on this point enough. Starting up is a very challenging task, and there can be far too much work for a single person, and thus we prefer founding teams with complementary skill set, and who have worked with each other in the past. It is not as if you will not get a chance if you are a single founder, however, your chances of entering the program rise exponentially with a good team.
  5. Attention to Detail and Accuracy of Information: Please make sure that you do not send us incomplete application full of typos and spelling errors. We do not want perfect grammar and proper sentence formation, however, help us by submitting an application which is concise, easy to read and properly formatted. Also, please take care when providing numbers and data. We would appreciate if you will mention your sources.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in our next batch of accelerator program. Good luck!

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